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Blue Yonder Yachts is now an official dealer for Rainman Portable and Installed Watermakers. BYY Founder Josh Hannigan shares his excitement about the new partnership:

“Rainman water makers and Blue Yonder Yachts has partnered up to bring cruisers a quality water maker. Rainman is used by many of our clients as their main water maker due to the high-quality H2O output. Rainman Watermakers are easily inverted without the need for soft starts or frequency drives. Bluewater sailors will bring their Rainman Watermakers as a backup on long crossings. With the ability to store the factory pickled unit for up to 1.5 years they make excellent backups that are ready to be used to make quality water in an emergency.”


Don't be without fresh water again! Rainman Watermakers are a compact system designed to generate a fresh potable water supply from seawater. They can be installed in a minimum footprint configuration or kept portable for maximum flexibility.

Rainman chooses only the top quality components in the build process from the best manufacturers: Honda, General Pump, Filmtec, and Noshok. Their filters, membranes and replacement parts are non-proprietary for ease of service worldwide.

Here’s what they do best:

  • PSU Type
    Energy Used
    High Output
  • AC Electric
    1250 Watts
    100-140 lph / 26-37 gph
    50-70 lph / 13-18 gph
    50-70 lph / 13-18 gph
  • Gasoline
    1 hour: 700ml, 0.18Gal
    100-140 lph / 26-37 gph
    50-70 lph / 13-18 gph
    50-70 lph / 13-18 gph
  • 12V DC
    32 Amps
    not compatible
    not compatible
    26-34 lph / 7-9 gph
the rainman difference



select your preferred watermaker


Portable Rainman Watermaker systems are ideal for applications with AC or DC power onboard.

No Installation required, ready to go in 10 minutes!


Rainman Watermaker’s are ideal for installation, single motor configuration, hardware included.

Take the stress and expense out of installation.


Gasoline Watermakers are ideal for true redundancy. Ideal for applications with no power.

Flexibility for taking it ashore.

not sure which watermaker model to choose?

Every boater has different priorities. If you’re not sure which unit best serves your lifestyle or goals, contact us! We will walk you through selecting your system with the opportunity to review options, request further information, and view pricing before placing an order.