Cruiser Coaching
personal training and mentorship

living the cruiser lifestyle

Looking to adopt a yachting lifestyle or make your dream of living aboard your boat a reality? As an experienced yachtsman/woman, you know that navigating the challenges of yacht ownership and long-term cruising can be daunting, especially if you are just starting out. That's why we're offering our exclusive mentorship program, designed to help you achieve your boating goals and make the most out of your yachting lifestyle.

It’s easy to romanticize the idea of living on a boat full-time; however, an alternative lifestyle like this takes preparation, organization and an ability to roll with changes. 

Our mentorship program is led by Josh Hannigan, our executive broker and seasoned boater who has spent years cruising and living aboard his boats. With our program, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support on everything from boat selection and maintenance to navigation and offshore cruising. Our mentor will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your individual needs and goals, and he’ll  be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

types of mentorship


a As You Go Coaching // Try our services out before committing, or get help with a specific need.

a Long-Term Coaching // Best for complete process assistance, as you transition into a cruiser life. We focus on exactly one outcome: getting you tangible results to achieve success in every area of the lifestyle.

a In-Person Mentorship // Experience the difference hands-on learning has to offer. We'll work with you side-by-side and get you confident and skilled in everything you want to know, from boat selection to cruising prep to yacht-handling skills.

How Mentorship works

Monthly engagement starts with a video call (up to 60 minutes), of which we’ll have one session per week. You are encouraged to keep in frequent contact by email, text, or calls between our sessions. 

Coaching clients are invited to a closed Facebook group that includes additional resources, training tools, and discussion of concerns in real-time.

Whether you’re looking to cruise the coast, sail offshore, or live aboard your boat full-time, our mentorship program will give you the tools and confidence you need to make your yachting dreams a reality. To get started, contact us for availability and to inform us about your experience, goals, and concerns. Once we know which mentoring category suits your needs and budget, you can submit payment and then we’ll schedule your first session.

Don’t wait to start your adventure. Join our program today and begin your journey to the yachting lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!