Yacht Minding
keep your yacht turn-key ready

professional yacht minding

Our Yacht Care service was created specifically to meet the needs of owners who are not able to spend regular time on board their yacht and understand the importance of keeping its systems healthy and its surfaces clean.

Ensuring proper yacht maintenance and care is a crucial part of smart yacht ownership. It makes sure your asset is kept in peak condition and, most importantly, is ready for you to arrive and enjoy at any time. Our dedicated service agents will keep a close eye on your yacht for you, undertaking any yacht care work as needed, or procuring the services of vetted technicians and skilled labour on your behalf.

Have a single point of contact for the upkeep and care of your vessel. And if an agent discovers an issue outside of the scope of your care package, they will contact your directly to ensure any work undertaken is approved by you first.

how yacht minding works

quality care

a While You're Away // Whether your yacht is in the water or on the hard, we can provide, source and supervise the regular care and maintenance of your vessel to keep her in bristol fashion when you aren't there.

a Maintenance, Light to Heavy // You decide if you're looking for a comprehensive service plan that can range from extensive daily maintenance services to semi-regular upkeep checks.

a Third-Party Payment Management // Where workers require upfront payments and foreign currency, use us as your intermediary and we will ensure the timely payment of all provided services so that work can continue on schedule.

how it all works

Your yacht is looked after in your selected destination in Mexico, with services including:

a Ongoing routine service and maintenance

a Supply of spare parts upon request

a Repair works

a Thorough interior and exterior cleaning

a Weekly checks on mooring lines and fenders

a Weekly bilge water check

a Gel-coat white-work

a Window cleaning

a Running the air-conditioning, generator and main engine

a Checking of oil level coolant

a Visual inspection of engine room(s)

a Battery checks and top ups when necessary

a Removal, stowage and replacement of awnings, covers and exterior cushions, upon arrival and departure of vessel owner

a Supervision of all systems to ensure that they are running correctly