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Should I use a buyer's agent?

When you’re at the point in your life where you’re serious about buying a yacht, you’ll want to make sure you know all the ins and outs of such a large investment. One of the many questions you may be asking yourself is: should I use a broker to buy a yacht? The short answer is that, if you want a smooth, thorough buying process, an experienced broker can be an asset when considering yacht sale and purchase.

A yacht buyer’s broker or agent is a professional who works on behalf of a buyer to help them purchase a yacht. The buyer’s broker represents the interests of the buyer throughout the buying process and helps them find the right yacht at the best price.

Many use a buyer’s agent to help search for yachts that meet a buyer’s specific criteria, negotiating the terms of the sale, and handling all of the necessary paperwork.

Being in the brokerage business, buyer’s agents have access to a wide range of yachts for sale, including those that may not be publicly advertised. They can also provide valuable insights into the yacht market and help buyers make informed decisions about their purchase.

Overall, a buyer’s yacht broker is a valuable resource for anyone looking to purchase a yacht, as they can help make the process easier and more efficient.

how a buyer's agent can help

on your side

a Hiring a yacht buyer's broker costs nothing; their commission, should you proceed with a purchase, is borne by the seller

a A broker of any repute knows they are only as good as their reputation, and must pull off flawless transactions to continue to maintain successful working relationships

a Brokers will fully bear the burden of all paperwork, and can do it quickly given their experience, thereby sparing you the tedious process of verifying any liens, contingencies, agreements, and contracts connected to any vessel for sale

As purveyors of quality yachts, we also specialize in helping buyers find the perfect yacht to fit their needs.

Our buyer’s broker has a wealth of experience on the water, both lakes and oceans, and has been sailing for 40 years. Having operated this brokerage business for several years, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with his clients.

In addition to his extensive sailing experience, our broker has also personally done metalwork and glasswork, boat surveying, and boat deliveries. He owns a Wauquiez Hood 38 MKI and is also single-handedly rebuilding his second yacht, a 42ft. steel Bruce Roberts 392B sailboat, demonstrating his passion for all things marine.

Our broker has also captained a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands, giving him even more experience in the industry. With his expertise and hands-on experience, you can trust that he knows what to look for when it comes to finding the perfect yacht.

If you’re in the market for a yacht in Mexico, we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs. Our broker will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you find the perfect yacht at the best price. We look forward to helping you navigate the yacht buying process and begin your next adventure on the water.