Project Management
hire a dedicated expert to oversee your work

project management

Our project management services include everything from initial advice and planning through to detailed specification and organization of work.

Whether you require routine maintenance or are looking to undertake a comprehensive boat refit, structural repair, or complete restoration, finding the right mix of skills and price can be difficult.

In order to take care of all these matters, we provide a dedicated project manager to give you a single point of contact during your schedule of works, project or comprehensive boat refit. And of course, we keep you informed, involved and at the heart of your own project every step of the way.

large refits and overhauls


Whether you need structural repairs, cosmetic work, an overhaul of onboard systems or a mixture of all three, your project manager is able to offer support at all stages of a refit from design/planning through to final inspection and project conclusion.

Our senior management team have decades of combined experience with refitting wooden, GRP and steel vessels of all ages, types and sizes and are well-qualified to source highly-experienced and dedicated technicians to carry out the work.

We involve our clients in the process to the extent of their desire and regularly report on the progress of the project to them.

During the final stage in the yacht refit process, where the yard and sub-contractors complete final installations, setups and finishes, we ensure that all work is signed-off in accordance with our clients’ wishes and that the newly refitted yacht is ready for its maiden voyage.

routine maintenance and small jobs


Not all jobs require project management per se, but all yachts require regular maintenance and simple repairs or upgrades from time to time.

If you simply need a hand sourcing labour, skilled or otherwise, that is on-budget and reliable, our Project Managers can take the reins for you and be your on-the-ground point of contact. We’ll locate and vet the contractors, supervise the labour, and even handle payments on your behalf – all while keeping in close contact with you.

For projects large or small, if an owner cannot be there in person, it is understandable to be concerned about the quality of work performed, and keeping a project on budget and within specified time constraints. Often referred to as the “owner’s eyes”, a client project manager works solely on behalf of a yacht owner to manage your schedule of works and ensure all is done as expected.

When embarking on any yacht project, a shipyard will likely have an appointed project manager. It’s therefore widely recommended that an owner appoint their own client PM, as a shipyard’s party will naturally be biased to represent the yard’s interests more than the owner’s. As such, owners should look for a project manager that will represent their interests by having:

A proven background

Yacht owners should ideally look for a project manager who has been to sea, with proven boatbuilding experience, and some business background. These years spent in the marine industry will have hardwired them to understand the issues on board that those outside of the industry may well overlook.

A good communicator

The ability to communicate with people at all levels is essential in this role. Project management calls for clear communication about goals, responsibilities, performance, expectations and feedback. The PM must therefore have the ability to effectively discuss and persuade in the owner’s interests when necessary to ensure the success of the team and project.

A project manager would also be expected to communicate with the captain and crew throughout the project and delegate work.

Outstanding negotiation skills

With communication in mind, a good negotiator makes for a more efficient project manager. Time wasted on disagreements are detrimental to any superyacht project, as these generally cost thousands in relation to the scale of the projects in hand. A skilled yacht project manager will reach agreements quickly, finding solutions to tough problems and keeping work moving ahead smoothly.

Cool under pressure

In a perfect world, projects would be delivered on time, under budget and with no major problems or hurdles to overcome. In reality, this is rarely the case; a project manager will therefore need to jump obstacles and take sudden changes in their stride.

Proven problem-solving skills

Excellent problem-solving skills will always be needed on such large-scale projects.  An experienced project manager should be able to identify in advance any issues that might complicate the build and guide it to the best possible outcome for his or her client.


The project manager will be working closely with the owner and/or owner’s representatives for a considerable length of time, therefore trust is vital. The project manager will be speaking on behalf of the owner, so it’s imperative that they can be trusted to advocate the owner’s wishes accurately.


A great PM takes responsibility for the tasks under their remit. Furthermore, by utilising a good project manager, the owner should be able to unload some of their worries and responsibilities for a positive outcome.

At Blue Yonder Yachts, our client project managers embody all of these qualities and you can rest easy that your job, large or small, will be handled with the utmost efficiency and experience.