Looking for an experienced broker to help you buy your next boat?

If you’ve landed here, you may have tried to view a yacht listing that we no longer list or the boat has sold. But don’t worry – – we are still happy to help! Contact us with the details of the yacht you had your eye on, and we’ll work our magic to either track down that exact boat or find you another gem just like it in Mexico!

Our goal is to match buyers with the perfect yacht for them, one that meets their budget, goals, and lifestyle. 

What are the advantages of using a buyer’s Broker, and how does it work? How much money buys how much boat? What starts to go wrong at what age? How can I tell a good deck from a bad deck? What’s the difference between a production boat and a pedigree boat?

As a buyer’s Broker, we take the time and initiative to not just source boats, but educate our clients about them. Good questions like those above are just a sample of the kinds of knowledge we are here to impart in your journey to find the right boat for you. And as a buyer’s Broker, we represent you and only you. 

Not only are we coaches, we also see you across the finish line. Boat buying in Mexico includes all of the regular hurdles of surveying, sea trials, and purchasing documentation, as well as some extras including navigating import permits, foreign registry, and facilitating an offshore sale (to make the process fully legal). We handle all of that as your agent, so you can just relax and focus on the boat itself.

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